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Welcome to The Cottonseed Marketplace where we specialize in creating life-inspired designs for engraved gifts, home accents and holiday decor. The words and feelings which inspire each item’s design are as raw as the materials we use to craft them.

The Cottonseed Marketplace was planted in Valrico, Florida

What's in a name?

We both have a deep appreciation for history and a strong connection to where we live. Valrico, Florida began its life as a cotton plantation in the early 1800’s. So, we chose to honor our local history by embracing cotton.

We have so many ideas and our customers have so many requests, that “Marketplace” made sense as a place to shop a wide variety of items.

Therefore, we combined our local history with the wide range of ideas and The Cottonseed Marketplace blossomed.

Cotton Fields with sun shining Cottonseed Marketplace

Why wood? Wood is durable and long-lasting. A tree is a symbol of strength and wisdom.
As partners in business and in marriage, these characteristics are rooted deep in our hearts.

Our Story

Much like the branches of the trees we’ve gifted each other over the years (yes, you read that right…we have given each other actual living trees as gifts), our story can be told on 5 main branches.

Cottonseed Marketplace Carrie holding Inspire a Difference Wood Sign

The first branch is WORDS. Motivational words and messages are at the cornerstone of our designs, both in home décor and gifts. Words can have a powerful impact on your attitude, productivity and general quality of life. A daily reminder can help you focus on your goals which makes our signs great in workspaces and keychains perfect while your hustling in your car!

Daughter Stamping Envelope Cottonseed Marketplace

The second branch is FAMILY. Just like words, family has a huge role in Cottonseed’s purpose. Our first sale was an item that I had made for our older daughter’s 1st birthday. As our family grew and company evolved, more and more designs were born from our everyday life. We are constantly inspired as we navigate this journey parenting two girls, building our company and sharing it all with you. Our girls often help in the studio wrapping signs, sticking on labels and stamping envelopes. We are truly a family business that prides itself on being Home-Grown.

Honeymoon in Napa Valley Frog's Leap Winery Cottonseed Marketplace

The third branch is WINE & WHISKEY. Though alcohol may not seem like an obvious place for sentimental inspiration, Carrie’s love for wine and Joe’s for whiskey, goes deeper than just unwinding with a glass a few times a week. We honeymooned in Napa Valley, which is where we learned to slow down and take it all in! We enjoyed sipping, learning about harvest and the horticultural aspect.  Did you know that a grower can tell the soil type around the vines based on the type of weeds growing beneath them? The soil type in turn influences the flavor of the wine produced from those grapes. Though Joe did enjoy his fair share of 7&7s in college, he has grown to appreciate a good quality whiskey for more than just it’s effects. Just like sharing a new design with you, a whiskey distiller needs to trust in themselves and their craftsmanship when creating their passion. This is definitely something we can relate to.

Arrow the Airstream Mobile Market Cottonseed Marketplace

The fourth branch is ARROW. While on vacation last summer, not only did we discover that we love the mountains which inspired new products, we also discovered our crazy dream to turn a 23-foot Airstream into our storefront and mobile market. We decided to be extremely strategic about the design so that she can function as our storefront AND family travel trailer. We’re currently in the middle of the renovation and hope to have her completed this fall. Click here to read more and follow our arrow.

Cottonseed Marketplace Carrie and Joe giving each other a high five

The fifth branch is the FUTURE. We’ve told you a lot about the past and how Cottonseed has become what it is today, but the steps we take next are just as important as the ones we took to get here. One of our goals this year is to grow a deeper “rooted” connection with you, our community. We want to bring you valuable information through our soon-to-launch blog and also exclusive offers to our email subscribers. Click here to join the Cottonseed Connection today!

We are here to help you!

Cottonseed grows on the spirit of creating the perfect item just for you. That is why the majority of our items are customized and personalized.  We don’t have a warehouse full of imported products waiting to sell.  We make each product custom to your order. 

Want a different font? A different color? A different design all together? Email today to let us know what we can create for you!

Cottonseed Cares

Cottonseed Cares is our philanthropic program that gives back. This year, as part of our 5th year celebration, we have partnered with OneTreePlanted.org to plant our Five-Year Forest.  We have pledged to plant one tree for every order we receive in 2020. In addition, we attempt to source as much of our materials from the United States as we can and use recycled packing supplies also made in the US.

Five Year Forest Cottonseed Marketplace One Tree Planted

Highlighting Handmade

Joe Hammering a rivet on leather strap Cottonseed Marketplace

While power tools and technology are definitely a part of our everyday business operations, every product is touched by our hands. They are all hand-made or hand assembled. We sand, stain and create our signs by hand. Our laser engraved gifts are cleaned and oiled with a rag and two hands. The straps are riveted with a hammer and an old-fashioned rivet setter. Ornament ribbons are cut and tied…you guessed it…by hand. We truly are an American hand-made small business.

Cottonseed Marketplace Carrie Making Wood Sign

Our Team

Cottonseed Marketplace Carrie Perkins Headshot

Carrie Perkins


Cottonseed Marketplace Joe Perkins Headshot

Joe Perkins


From our family to yours, we celebrate your home-grown traditions!

Live life, be inspired.



Carrie and Joe Perkins


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