Decorating for Fall

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September is here and Labor Day is behind us. That means Fall is fast approaching and the time to pull out your pumpkins is now, if you haven’t already! Whether you keep it simple, traditional or break all the “rules” with out-of-the-box color schemes, Fall is a fun time to decorate. So grab a Pumpkin Spice Latte and let’s start decorating!

Pick Your Color Palette

Before you go to the store and get pumpkin crazy, be sure to pick your color palette first.

There’s nothing wrong with sticking with traditional Fall colors – tones of orange, red, green and brown. But don’t be afraid of being different and incorporating colors like the Pantone Color of the Year, Classic Blue.

When picking colors, think back to art class in grade school when we learned about the color wheel. I’m a fan of threes – pick a main color to be your feature, choose a color opposite the main color on the wheel to be a highlight and then a neutral color to act as a foundation color.

Check out this blog post by Erika Firm for some beautiful Fall/Winter 2020 color palette inspiration.

We don’t typically do much with color, keeping our products pretty neutral, to give you the opportunity to add your own color where ever you stage our signs. But this year, we’re combining our decor and laser items to bring you mini signs made of pine with colorful laser cut-outs from 1/8″ birch. We currently have the pumpkin available in a traditional orange, modern teal, vibrant mustard and a deep cranberry.

Also available is a classic red apple and a green leaf. If your color palette takes you in a different direction and you want any of these in other colors, just let us know. We’re happy to add colors to the availability.

Tiered Trays

Tiered trays are super trendy these days and are taking over Instagram feeds and Pinterest design boards. Fall-themed trays are an easy way to add interest and height to your tablescape as the centerpiece. Whether you like colorful decorating or prefer a neutral color palette, trays allow that flexibility with ease!

Start by picking your tray’s shape. They come in round, rectangular and even oval. You’ll then want to choose a focal piece, like one or two of our Fall mini signs. Place greenery behind your focal piece or in a neutral colored vase. You could even do both. Then start adding coordinating colored pieces like mini pumpkins, sunflowers, vine balls and cotton bolls. Almost everything shown in our tiered tray above, with the exception of our Mini Fall Signs, was found at Hobby Lobby, including the tray itself!

Crocheted pumpkins in blue and mustard yellow

Tiered trays require miniature pieces not usually used in shelf decor. Hobby Lobby is great for the basics – greenery & small vases. But when it comes to the statement pieces, you want something that will stand out. Check out these crocheted pumpkins from Blake by Design. Lindy Blake learned to crochet from her grandmother and is bringing this age-old craft to tiered trays everywhere. These pumpkins are absolutely stunning!

Place Settings

Have you ever wanted your dining table to look like it was styled by professional? It’s not as hard as it looks. Once your tiered tray and tablescape are finished, place settings come next. 

By layering a dinner place, a patterned napkin, a salad plate and then a decoration, you’re adding dimension and interest in four easy steps.  

Thanksgiving table set with wood pumpkin cut outs and pears as placesettings.

Decorate your plate with our wooden filigree pumpkin cut-out to add contrast between light-colored plates and the neutral element of the pumpkin. If you prefer a pop of color on your plates, try faux mini pumpkins. You could even mix it up and alternate your decoration from plate to plate, like our client Jaime did for Thanksgiving dinner! She used a combination of our wooden filigree pumpkins and real red pears with a ribbon and tag.  Her table was definitely impressive, elegant and at the same time, not complicated to do!

More Than Just Pumpkins

If you’re anything like me, you have way too many pumpkins and not enough of other fun Fall decor pieces. If you’re looking to incorporate more than just pumpkins, check out these cute options. 

For open shelves, try clustering a few pumpkins with a Fall-themed book stack. This stack, designed and sold by Root 937, is a set of three – orange, distressed white, and beige – wrapped in twine. Drape a very popular bead garland for an extra element of texture. Kristen from Root 937 chose a neutral color combo of white and cream beads with beige tassel ends. And for height, she included a birch log riser as the first layer.

Fall is the time when sunflowers are in bloom. If you want to include them in your decor, check out these beautiful fabric sunflowers by 2:10 Creations. Beth attached them to vintage bed springs to allow them to stand on their own. Then she finished them off with vintage button embellishments. Colors available are Sunflower Yellow, Autumn Orange and Cornhusk Cream, all with burlap accents.

Fall is also the time when apples are in harvest and these have become my new favorite Instagram find. Abby from Itty Bitty Cottage makes these adorable fabric apples in a variety of red patterned fabric. They are finished off with a cute stem, leaf and ribbon. They are so popular, that she has sold out for Fall 2020 so be sure to follow her on Instagram to be the first to know when she makes more! 

Don't forget your door!

We’ve talked a lot about decorating inside your home, but don’t forget about the outside. Your front door is a great place to add touches of Fall to make a big impact. A great Fall wreath like this one designed by J. Luna Designs, can make your front entrance scream Fall! Choosing a wreath with contrasting colored blooms, elements varying in size, multiple textures and a natural organic material like a grapevine base to ensure all the Fall feels. You could add cream faux pumpkins if you want, but it isn’t necessary!

However you decide to try your hand at Fall decorating, don’t get overwhelmed. Take it one space at a time and have fun doing it. After all, from September until December is the best decorating season of the year, why not have fun!

Happy Fall and happy decorating!


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