Welcome to our new website!

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Welcome to The Cottonseed Marketplace’s new home! Wow, I never thought we would get to write this post.  This site has been a year in the making if you can believe that.  We started this process knowing we wanted to create a site that can better showcase our style and products.  So, after many variations and changes, we’re finally ready to share it with you.  Is it finished? Of course not, but I hear it’s good for SEO if we keep continue to improve the site consistently. Having said that…every image, text, button and product you see here is created by us, for you! Shout out to Abbey Saxton Photography for some of the photos, Shannon Sharesky of Creative Apogee for the coaching and our wonderful models!

So, what’s new besides the look? We are excited to start a Journal (technically a blog) but it will be more of a behind-the-scenes look at some of our projects, products and family adventures.  This will be 100% real, with both the ups and downs that we all go through, in both business and life.  We will happily share links to some of the products we use but don’t expect this page to get flooded with ads and pop-ups.  Look for new posts and we hope you enjoy the topics we share, including some of your suggestions!

Secondly, we are starting an email list, The Cottonseed Connection.  “Oh no!” you say, not another email in my inbox?! Rest assured; we aren’t going to blast your email.  I don’t like getting that many emails, never mind writing and sending them! You won’t have to worry about that from us.  The email list is just to share new products, exclusive deals and announcements (like new journal entries) ahead of everyone else.

In conclusion, we would love to hear what you think but we also need your help.

1 thought on “Welcome to our new website!”

  1. I am so incredibly proud of you both and this amazing journey. I have loved getting to watch you guys expand and grow. I am always in awe of your creativity.

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