Father's Day Tape Measure


  • Choose from several designs and colors
  • 25′ in length tape measure
  • Proudly designed and created in Valrico, FL.  USA

The Cottonseed Marketplace is excited to showcase our exclusive designs for the very-popular wooden decorated Measuring Tapes for Father’s Day. Gift dad with a personalized and original tape measure this year. These are 25 ft. tape measures with a 1.9″ diameter circular wooden disc glued to the front. The discs are made from 1/16′ thick solid hardwood, your choice of Cherry, Mahogany or Walnut. And you can chose from 6 designs and personalized them too!

Choose from three wood types:
1. Cherry
2. Mahogany
3. Walnut

1. Inch by Inch, You’re an Awesome Dad
2. No Shortage of Love Here
3. You’re a Cut Above the Rest
4. Dad, No One Measures Up to You
5. Measure Once, Cuss Twice
6. Don’t Lose This One

You can personalize each design, just make your selection in the dropdown box above.

These are designed and cut in our small home shop from solid wood stock. With that said, each tape measure disc has its own unique characteristics based on the varying grain and colors found in any natural product.


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