Here’s to a new year and a new pup...

Here’s to a new year and a new pup...

If there is one thing that is constant in life, its change. And we have all seen our fair share of change in the last couple of years. Cottonseed Marketplace is no different. We have changed our laser engraver, we have changed our website, not to mention all the new products and ideas. We have even welcomed a new shop dog to the mix.  Life wasn’t crazy enough already (sarcasm), so we decided to find a pup to help fill the void of losing Kaz early last year.  By no means is she a replacement, she is an addition. She’s another chapter in our life that we hope is filled with laughter and adventure.

We are happy to introduce Halo to you all.  She is a 6 month old pointer mix who has had a rough start to her short life.  She was found in an orange grove in Hardee County with a broken jaw. Hence the name Halo, after the citrus.  Navel just didn’t sound quite right. Ha ha. But she is all patched up thanks to so very loving and passionate people. She is 100% puppy at this point. We all have some training to do, on both sides of that fence.  So when you come out to see us and Arrow, make sure you come and say hi to Halo.

As for other changes, keep a look out for some new and exciting products and ideas coming down the pike. Rest assured though, there is one thing that won’t change with us.  That’s our attention to detail, our quality of products and our excitement to provide some lasting gifts and keepsakes to you and your family.

So what ever you like to drink, we will lift a glass to you and yours. May 2022 bring about plenty of positive change in your life and may the foundation never waiver.


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  • Aunt Laurie

    Welcome Halo! Can’t wait to meet you!🐾🥰

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