Introducing "Arrow" the Airstream!


Arrow is the real life manifestation of a dream! Over some deli sandwiches at a diner along I-75, an idea came to mind. When I mentioned the idea of buying and renovating a vintage Airstream to Carrie, I thought she would think I was crazy. Instead, it was as if things came into focus in her head, realizing a dream she didn't even know she had. We've always dreamed of owning a storefront and we've always wanted a travel trailer for family vacations. The question was, how could we do both? The Airstream idea seemed like it could be the answer but we didn't know how. Could it be done? How much weight can we tow? How big it would have to be?

So to get a feel for space inside an Airstream, we went to our local dealer to tour different size rigs. After touring some 16 -30 footers on the lot, we walked towards the office passing a purchased Airstream staged for pickup. If we didn't believe in signs before, we do now. The temporary tags read "CMP..." which are Carrie's initials. At this point, we knew we were going to make this happen.

After some research, scouring the internet, and looking at some with disappointing results, we found her for sale in Seminole, FL. We called the sellers and made an appointment to come look at it. On a Friday evening, we took the girls, made the drive across Tampa Bay and got our first glimpse of what could be our future adventure. We learned the history of this 23’ 1973 Airstream Safari, took the weekend to think about it and made an offer. By Monday at noon, we were towing her home!

We don’t know the first thing about owning a travel trailer or running a store front. I don’t even know how to empty the tanks, or if it even has tanks! We are that green, but we have a dream, we have a vision, and we have each other. It's going to be a lot of work, but it's fun and exciting too.

So, follow our Arrow as we renovate and build her into a mobile marketplace in which we get to share our ‘life inspired’ products with you! Don’t forget to follow your own arrow too!


Carrie and Joe

The Cottonseed Marketplace

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