Sand Keeper new favorite!

Sand Keeper new favorite!

Every once in a while, a product idea comes to mind that just feels different.  Anyone that knows us knows that our designs are 'Life Inspired'. And these are no different.  We lost a loved one in the family that adored Siesta Key. If you've been there, you'll know why.  The sand is the most beautiful white quartz powder. The water, a picturesque turquoise.  The sunsets can be stunning to say the least. So the question was raised, 'What can we make that can hold some sand from Siesta Key to give to loved ones as a memorial keepsake?' We ran through all of the typical ideas that you see at any beach side boutique.  Little glass bottles, seashells, picture frames; the list goes on but nothing felt right.  Enter our Christmas tradition of hanging memorial ornaments on our tree for those that are no longer with us.  They are always the last to go on and they are always at the top, to look out over the family gatherings that they inherently helped create. It is a tradition Carrie and I started a long time ago and we hope our kids will continue it on.  That's how the idea came along for the Sand Keeper Ornament, Life Inspired.  It is an ornament that for us, holds a special purpose and meaning and we hope that it hold the same value to you and your family.

You're probably wondering how to use it.  It is pretty simple.  I folded a scrap piece of paper into a funnel and filled it with sand that way.  You can add as little or as much as you like. Try to get it to the suggested fill line if your ornament has one. (Designs are based on fill lines and some don't require them)  Once your sand is to the level you want it, find the small wooden piece in the bag.

Peel the tape off of both sides.  Be careful, its very sticky! There should be a flat side and an angled side.  Start by pushing the flat side down into the opening first.  Then start pushing the angled end down making sure you hold the flat end in place as you push.  Once you have both sides in, push the middle of the wooden plug down so its sits flush with the outside edge of the ornament.  That's all there is to it. Now hang it up and enjoy the memories!

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